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Dr. Sterling is a larger than life figure, who will empower you or your entity with the right missing links to bridge any performance gaps. While Dr. Sterling has gained her expertise in creative poetry (and has art/poetic work that is honored in the White House), disaster relief, entrepreneurship, and mission work, over the years, her experience as an incomparable life coach has helped many tap into their talents by minimizing the root causes of their shortcomings. 

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Modernly, saying that it is not easy to run a business is probably an egregious understatement. Dr. Sterling has partnered up with key professionals who understands all potential limitations and work to eliminate or minimize them as to assist you tap into your success or that of your business.

stop making things 


Dr. Sterling has beaten unbelievable odds as an immigrant and understands that even the best of us need someone to lean on sometimes. 


Whether it is in your personal life, or mission work or your business or even ministry or church, she is intelletually and spiritually gifted to create the perfect combination of solutions as to ensure that your success will not be based on chance alone. 


She encourages you to schedule a free consultation at your earliest convenience or whenever the need arises.


Remember that the best time to tap into your potential or that of your business is NOW!



Dr. Sterling

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Your Greatest Self.


Sometimes, the solutions are right in our vicinity, yet because of lack of experience or like most, we're thinking "inside the box" as opposed to "outside the box".


Dr. Sterling and her team will provide you with the type of insights that will make you or your projects succeed the first time around.


Schedule an appointment with her today, you'll be so gald you did!




How many times have you felt consumed by the demands and hours that it takes you to barely meet your goals lately?


Often, we're so consumed by our own self-imposed ways of doing things that we spend more efforts trying to make things work than to actually do.


Dr. Sterling will help you get your projects done right the first time around!

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Dr. Dothlyn Sterling, PhD

If you are looking to succeed in your business without any trials and errors, I strongly suggest that you contact Dr. Sterling at the beginning of your project. It will save you both time and money.

Paul Winthrop





I have always wanted to become a missionary or assist with disaster relief projects, yet could not find a meaningful way of so doing until I met Dr. Sterling. Please find out for yourself, You'll be glad you did!

Reginald D.

Dr. Sterling is well-connected and no matter what issues I have brought to her, she has been able to either help me herself or direct me to the right and seemingly best people for a particular issue.

Angel K.




Whenever I run out of ideas or concepts for any events, I can always rely on Dr. Sterling to help me plan the event successfully as to ensure that a successful outcome will be reached.

Candi P.



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